Our Services

Our Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services

Loma Linda University Medical Center’s (LLUMC) Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation offers a wide range of rehabilitation services for physically impaired adult and pediatric patients.

Our rehabilitation specialists offer comprehensive care for patients’ physical, social and emotional needs during rehabilitation. We are committed to providing excellent, cost-effective patient care and provide the following rehabilitation services:

Physical Medicine

•    Amputee Clinic
    o    Device fabrication and adjustments
    o    Patient management via team assessments
    o    Pain management
    o    Physician evaluations
    o    Prothetists evaluations
    o    Rehabilitation therapy care plans
•    Center for Pain Management
    o    Exercise
    o    Individualized patient pain level analysis
    o    Injection techniques when indicated
    o    Pharmacological intervention
    o    Physical therapy
    o    Progress monitoring
    o    Psychological support
    o    Research to improve patient care
    o    Therapeutic plan for pain management
    o    Treatment and management of pain
•    Neuropsychology
    o    Behavioral medicine assessments
    o    Biofeedback training
    o    Cognitive retraining
    o    Coping skills training
    o    Educational testing
    o    Educational rehabilitation
    o    Medical/legal assessments
    o    Neuropsychological assessments
    o    Pre-surgical evaluations
    o    Psychological restructuring
    o    Workers’ compensation evaluations
•    Spasticity Treatment
    o    Assessments
    o    Individualized treatment
    o    Management of patients with implanted medication pumps
    o    Medication or injections into spastic muscles

    o    Therapies to improve function and decrease pain


•    Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Services
    o    Adolescent rehabilitation, ages 14–21
    o    General rehabilitation
    o    Stroke
    o    Spinal cord injury
    o    Traumatic brain injury
•    Outpatient Rehabilitation Services and Programs
    o    Amputation clinic
    o    Brain injury rehabilitation
    o    Cognitive therapy
    o    Dialect program
    o    Dysphagia and feeding disorder program
    o    Hand therapy
    o    Laryngectomy rehabilitation
    o    Lymphedema therapy
    o    Occupational therapy
    o    Orthopaedic rehabilitation
    o    Orthotics and prosthetics
    o    Pediatric rehabilitation
    o    Physical therapy
    o    Pilates-based conditioning
    o    Post-mastectomy care
    o    Pre-vocational and work re-entry program
    o    Sensorimotor and language program
    o    Speech and language pathology
    o    Spinal cord injury rehabilitation
    o    Sports rehabilitation
    o    Stroke rehabilitation
    o    Swallow studies
    o    Vestibular therapy
    o    Voice program

Contact Us

To learn more about our rehabilitation services, contact the Department of Rehabilitation:

•    Inpatient: 909-558-4229 or 909-558-4213
•    Outpatient: 909-558-6144