Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a rehabilitation specialty that restores the health of individuals who suffer from disabling conditions affecting the mind, body, emotions and development. A traumatic orthopedic or neurologic injury can sometimes lead to physical and functional challenges that impact even the simplest activities from dressing and grooming, to working and playing. In the absence of the cognitive, physical and motor skills required to perform such tasks, an individual may be held back from being a participant in life.

Hand and arm injuries including carpal tunnel syndrome are among some of the most common conditions affecting one’s ability to work and participate in everyday activities. Our hand therapy center is equipped with certified hand therapists who closely work with occupational therapists to develop care plans that build hand strength, heal injuries and increase manual dexterity. It’s just one more way that the rehabilitation services at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) works to treat the whole person.

At  LLUMC we provide a comfortable and supportive environment where patients are encouraged to overcome obstacles and return to their optimal level of function and performance. Our occupational therapists and specialists apply proven techniques and the latest technologies to help patients achieve independence and lead more satisfying lives.