Adult Interventional Radiology

Ordering Instruction

*All angio biopsies, and drainagee are to here 1-1.5 hours prior procedure
  • Last labs done must be within 30 days of the exam date
  • Angio need recent BUN/Creatinine. Biopsies and drainage require CBC and PT/PTT/INR. If taking Coumadin/Blood Thinners (Plavix, heparin, asprin, ecotrin, motrin, Aleve or Lovinox). stop at least five days prior for biopsies and ahve PT/PTT.INR done the day before the exam
  • GA's/Sedations require NPO eight hours prior. No soild foods, sips of water only.
  • Ash-splits and port-a-caths need CBC and PT/PTT/INR.
  • Allergy prep is required the patient has a known iodine contrast allergy or history of allergic reaction during injection of intravenous contrast Please call IR clinical triage if unsure: 909-558-5835

Ordering Forms

  • LLUMC Interactive Printable Invasive/Angio Order Form