Some of the current research interests of the program's faculty include:

Basic Science Projects:

Nitrite physiology and kinetics
Nitrite and necrotizing enterocolitis
Evaluating opiods in asphyxiated infants
Mechanisms of surfactant delivery
Substances that cause inactivation of surfactant
Pro-inflammatory cytokine regulation of apneas in neonates
Correlating ROP with breathing pattern changes

Clinical Projects:

Pain and Stress Assessment and ROP Screening
Mechanical ventilation: measuring effectiveness of different devices
Non-invasive monitoring techniques: expanding use of pulse oximetry to measurement of other substances like glucose, Hgb, etc.
Evaluating teaching tools for Prenatal Diagnosis Consults
Evaluation of the use of video laryngoscopy in teaching residents to intubate
Evaluation of strategies to improve nursing compliance with pulse oximetry guidelines
Measurement of oral nitrite and nitrate intake of newborns and effect on GI physiology in infants at high risk for NEC
Oral feeding and patent ductus arteriosus
Use of accelerator mass spectrometry to determine pharmacokinetics
aEEG as an index of brainstem development in neonates
Prostaglandin breakdown products in neonates