Core Curriculum Lectures

Acid base disorders in hemodialysis patient

Acute interstitial nephritis

Acute kidney injury

Acute kidney injury in liver disease

AKI in kidney transplant

Anemia in chronic renal failure

Atheroembolic renal disease

Biomarkers in AKI

Causes of peritoneal membrane failure

Chronic interstitial nephritis

Chronic tubulointerstitial disease

Continuous therapies

Contrast induced nephropathy


Cystic diseases of the kidneys

Diabetic glomerulosclerosis

Dialysis machines, reuse, water treatment

Dialyzers, urea kinetic modeling

DOQI guidelines

Drug abuse and the Kidney

Drug prescription in renal failure

Edematous states

End of life care

ESRD and its complications

Essential hypertension

Ethical issues in kidney transplantation and dialysis

Evaluation of renal function, diagnostic tests

Fibrillary kidney disease

Focal segmental glomerular sclerosis

Geriatric nephrology

Glomerulonephritis in pediatrics

Glycemic control, diabetic ketoacidosis

Hemodialysis and hemoperfusion for poisoning

Hemodialysis complications

Hemodialysis: Prescription

Hemolytic uremic syndrome/TTP

Hereditary diseases of the kidney


HIV associated nephropathy

Home Dialysis

Hormones and lipids in CKD

Hyperosmolar states

Hypertension in hemodialysis patient

Hypertensive crisis





ICU nephrology

IgA nephropathy

Immunosuppression regimens

Impaired physician (Alcohol,drugs, sleep)

Infection in kidney transplant recipient
Interpretation of kidney biopsy

Interpretation of renal transplant biopsies

Kidney biopsy, indications, complications

Kidney disease in pregnancy

Long term management of kidney transplant patient

Lupus nephritis

Malignancy in kidney transplant patient

Management of newly transplanted patient

Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis

Membranous nephropathy

Metabolic acidosis

Metabolic alkalosis

Myeloproliferative disease and kidney, multiple myeloma, amyloidosis


Neurologic complications of renal failure

NSAIDS and the kidneys

Nutrition in renal failure

Oncologic nephrology

Pain management

Pauci-immune glomerulonephritis

Peritoneal dialysis I

Peritoneal dialysis II

Phosphate binders

Phosphate disorders

Physical examination of vascular access


Principles of immunosuppression

Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis

Recurrent disease in kidney transplantation

Renal disease and malignancy

Renal imaging

Renal replacement therapy in pregnancy

Renal tubular acidosis

Renal vein thrombosis, renal infarction

Renovascular hypertension

Respiratory acid/base disorders

Risk management /patient safety

Secondary glomerulopathies

Secondary hypertension

Steroid sparing regimens in kidney transplantation

Toxic alcohols

Training of PD patient

Tropical kidney disease

Tubular disorders

Uremic bleeding

Uric acid nephropathy

Urinalysis and urine sediment examination

Urinary tract obstruction

Vascular access


Vitamin D physiology/renal osteodystrophy

Work up of kidney donor and recipient