Resident Medical Auxiliary (RMA)

The Resident Medical Auxiliary is an organization of Resident‘s spouses that provides support for Residents and their families. RMA is funded and supported by the GME Office and the National Auxiliary. Information concerning how to contact RMA is available in the GME Office, Ext. 66131.

Resident Medical Auxiliary Mission Statement

We are a group for resident's spouses who are committed to our spouses, one another, family, and community. Our goal is to provide support to one another, welcome and assist new and present members, as well as provide opportunities for service in our community, personal growth, enrichment and socialization.

The Resident Medical Auxiliary main purpose is to provide a network of support and services to the spouses and families of residents and fellows at LLUMC. Life of a resident is full of new challenges and long hours, which can be overwhelming and stressful when in a new environment...away from family and friends. Our goal is to help ease families into residency life.

Social Gatherings

We are here to serve and meet the many interests and needs of our members and their families through many fun and entertaining social gatherings and events, providing a variety of activities and clubs for our RMA members. We also have opportunities to be involved and be of service in our community and surrounding areas.

Listed are the many socials and activities of RMA:

  • Annual Fiesta Opener—meeting of new and present members
  • Book Club—monthly discussion of interesting reads
  • Culinary Club—monthly gathering of sharing menu ideas, recipes, and sampling of delicious foods
  • Girls Night Out—time of relaxing and enjoying the company of females
  • Men's Group—for the male spouses-activities such as camping, biking, hiking trips
  • Children's Group—weekly outdoor park fun with occasional arts/crafts
  • Helping Hands—a support system of providing meals and assistance when needed (arrival of a new baby, illness in the family)

Questions? Contact the RMA at