Message from the Chairman

Dear Residency Candidate,

Key decisions mark the paths of our lives – choice of career, spouse, commitment to a purpose, choice of mentors, and choice of training site.  The Department of Medicine at Loma Linda University and its affiliate institutions strive to assure that your decision to train with us will lead to enduring contributions.

The goal of the Loma Linda University Department of Medicine is to innovate and provide leadership in healing, education, discovery, service-delivery and the shaping of institutional and public policy.  The department fosters a spirit of inquiry expressed in research and teaching.  Its faculty advance clinical practice and understanding.  Its themes are renewal and growth.

Accomplishing its goals and nurturing its values require the mutual and symbiotic efforts of faculty and learners.  When patients entrust us with their health, we recognize and honor that trust with our focused commitment.  When you choose us to be the fiduciaries for your continued education and clinical contributions, you have initiated a trust relationship.  We partner with you to achieve your goals.  Together, we will honor our shared privileges. 

Douglass Hegstad, M.D., MACP
Chairman, Department of Medicine

Message from Program Director

The Internal Medicine Residency Program at Loma Linda University is determined to be on the cutting edge of medical education. Our goal is to train highly skilled and compassionate academic physicians in an environment that emphasizes whole person care. This is achieved through a broad clinical experience caring for a variety of patients at our University, County, and VA hospitals. This training will enable our residents to pursue subspecialty fellowships, practice hospital medicine, and provide modern primary care in an academic or community setting.We are proud to say that we have been accredited since 1965 by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). In 2010, the ACGME awarded us a full 10-year accreditation for 99 residents. In navigating this site, you can learn of the multiple educational opportunities in which our residents participate.

Kindest regards,

Sam Baz, MD, FACP
Program Director