Ambulatory Pediatrics

Outpatient offices and clinics offer our residents exposure to a diverse patient population in a wide range of professional settings. From the pediatric teaching office to the emergency room, residents work with a great deal of autonomy, yet have immediate access to faculty supervision.

Pediatric Teaching Office

The Pediatric Teaching Office is located across the street from Children's Hospital in the Faculty Medical Offices. This office is devoted solely to the education of residents and medical students. It is home for the majority of the residents’ weekly continuity clinics. As a hospital based practice, residents receive instruction in managing a variety of ambulatory pediatric problems while an attending physician supervises. In addition, every Thursday afternoon a specialized clinic for adolescents takes place, where issues such as eating disorders, sexually transmitted diseases and drug abuse are addressed.

The Social Action Community Health System (SACHS)

The Social Action Community Health System (SACHS) began 35 years ago as a part-time volunteer effort by Loma Linda University and Medical Center faculty and students who were struck by the large portion of the local community's population that could not access the regular health-care system. SACHS is a clinic that provides low-cost primary care and rehabilitative services for 32,000 patient visits annually. Residents are allowed the opportunity to care for an underserved population while under the supervision of well established, knowledgeable and caring attending physicians. Continuity clinic is also available at this site for some residents to experience a different ambulatory setting.