Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO)

Healing with Loma Linda University Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO)

The Hyperbaric Medicine Service at Loma Linda University Medical Center was started in 1981 with one monoplace chamber (accommodates a single patient).  The service now operates four monoplace chambers, including a chamber that will accommodate seven-foot patients and will support patients weighing up to five hundred pounds.  The chamber cylinders are constructed of clear acrylic, giving the patient a clear view around them thus reducing anxiety related to confinement.  Each chamber is equipped with a flat screen television and DVD player.  During HBO treatments patients can also choose to listen to music or simply sleep during their treatment which usually last approximately two hours.  A specially trained chamber operator is present at all times.

Treatment and Services

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO)?

UHMS defines hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) as an intervention in which an individual breathes near 100 percent oxygen intermittently while inside a hyperbaric chamber that is pressurized to greater than sea level pressure (1 atmosphere absolute, or ATA).

What this implies clinically is that pressure must equal or exceed 1.4 ATA while breathing near 100 percent oxygen. The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and Compressed Gas Association (CGA) Grade A specify medical grade oxygen to be not less than 99 percent by volume and the National Fire Protection Association specifies USP medical grade oxygen.

Image: Hyperbaric Oxygen Staff