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Center for Joint Replacement

The human body’s joints can wear away for a number of reasons. Arthritis, injuries and even some diseases can all affect joints. Damaged joints can lead to pain, stiffness and immobilization.

The Center for Joint Replacement at Loma Linda University Medical Center specializes in total joint care. That means every patient is put in the hands of a multidisciplinary team comprised of physicians, nurses and physical therapists who collaborate to create a specialized treatment plan for you. Loma Linda University Medical Center's ongoing research and use of the best prosthesis, least traumatic surgical techniques and most successful rehabilitation programs provides an all-encompassing program. This is accomplished through ongoing research, least traumatic surgical techniques and successful rehabilitation programs. Our staff then works tirelessly to explain your plan to you from the pre-operation preparation all the way through post-operative exercise.

28% of adults over age 20 have joint pain. US National Health Interview Survey

Complete this profiler to asses either your knee or hip function. The profiler will also list some of the ways your pain may be impacting your daily life and suggest what you next steps might be.


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Orthopedics is a medical specialty that deals with injuries and disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system. This complex system consists of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, and allows for movement of the body.

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Center for Joint Replacement

We specialize in total joint care. Our team of physicians, nurses and physical therapists, work together to create a specialized treatment plan for you.

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International Limb Lengthening Institute

We understand limb deformity can make it hard to feel whole, amd work together to address your mental and spiritual needs, as well the physical, during treatment.