LLD Worksheet

The multiplier method is a technique to predict limb length discrepancy (LLD) at maturity in pediatric patients. Multiplier/growth applications (apps) and a spreadsheet (reference Sanders article) have been developed for performing the multiplier calculations to predict LLD and timing of epiphysiodesis. These have helped to facilitate LLD calculations in an efficient and easy manner.

Download LLD Worksheet

We have updated the spreadsheet to enhance ease of use and features for making LLD calculations. The spreadsheet includes sections for congenital LLD, developmental LLD and height prediction. The functions are similar to multiplier apps, with the added benefit of installation on clinical workstations for easy cutting and pasting of data sheets into electronic medical record systems. Instructions for use are contained in the file. The data sheets were tested and found comparably accurate to other tools and manual calculations using the multiplier method, however the author assumes no liability for erroneous data output which can result from improper use, file corruption, or limitations of the multiplier method. This has been published in the Journal of Children’s Orthopaedics. (Reference)