Comprehensive Diabetes Self-Management Education


The Diabetes Treatment Center is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for the education it provides to persons with diabetes. The educators are registered nurses and registered dietitians who are also Certified Diabetes Educators or are actively working to meet the criteria to sit for the National Certification Exam.

There are many myths circulating about diabetes. It is critical to get diabetes information from a reputable source.

Program pre-requisites:

  • Physician referral
  • Insurance authorization for patients with HMO plans

All topics about diabetes that people need to know for self-managing their diabetes are provided:

    • Coping with a diagnosis of diabetes
    • What is diabetes, types of diabetes, & causes of diabetes
    • Developing and maintaining a support team
    • Setting goals for change
    • Nutrition and diabetes
    • Home blood glucose monitoring
    • Diabetes oral medications
    • Diabetes injectable medications, not just insulin
    • Causes, symptoms, treatment, & prevention of low blood glucose
    • Causes, symptoms, treatment, & prevention of high blood glucose
    • Long-term complications of diabetes
    • Foot care
    • Regular physician visits just for diabetes every 3 months