EOS Imaging/Low Dose X-Ray

How It Works

EOS Imaging uses slit scanning technology to create radiographic images with almost 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-ray. The scanner works by moving a thin slice x-ray beam down the axis of the patient over several seconds. This has several advantages, most notably the accuracy of measurements that we can make on spine and full leg length lower extremity x-rays. A normal x-ray is a snapshot much like you would take with a smartphone or other camera.

The Benefits

Depending on the size of the patient, distance of the bone to the x-ray cassette and distance of the beam from the patient various amounts of magnification are introduced into a the images. With EOS there is no magnification and all measurements are made on our digital system with exact precision. An additional benefit is that the scanner images both the frontal and side views simultaneously which is not only fast, but also allows for reconstruction of three dimensional imagery. We were one of the first centers on the west coast to have this technology and continue to be one of the few institutions that have this available.

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