Cardiac rehabilitation refers to the supervision, interaction and help patients get from doctors in an effort to recover from a heart condition. At Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), highly trained doctors and nurses offer compassionate and comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation services to men who need both in- and outpatient care.

To ensure that each man receives the most effective, enduring cardiac rehab services, LLUMC staff specifically tailors a particular heart health rehabilitation program to each man's unique needs. Our patient-centered care is key to helping men dramatically improve their heart health, as well as their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

What Happens During Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Rehab for heart health at our cutting-edge facilities includes:

  • A thorough medical evaluation, during which the type and severity of a man's condition is assessed. In addition to gathering a man's comprehensive medical history, our staff will also evaluate his physical limitations in order to design a safe and effective exercise and diet plan.
  • An exercise regimen, which outlines the types and amounts of physical exercise (or activity) that a man needs to practice regularly. In most cases, our specialists will recommend that men walk, cycle, jog or perform other activities between three to five times per week. Part of the exercise regimen also includes teaching men proper exercise techniques, including stretching, warming up before and cooling down after physical activity.
  • Counseling on lifestyle changes, which involves educating men about lifestyle habits and dietary choices that can improve and worsen their heart conditions. As part of this counseling, men will likely work with nutritionists to develop a healthy, realistic diet plan.
  • Therapy, which helps treat the mental and emotional effects of heart problems. Men with heart conditions may become depressed and need some extra support particularly if they have endured a permanent injury or disability due to their condition. Focusing on lifting men's spirits and improving their outlook can help them stay motivated to follow through with cardiac rehabilitation and improve their quality of life in shorter periods of time.

And, in cases where men need to start taking medications, doctors will also be involved to prescribe medications and monitor their effects on a man's health.

To Learn More about Cardiac Rehabilitation

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