Nutrition & Diet

With the stress and hustle of modern life, it can be difficult to make healthy food choices, get regular exercise and maintain a healthy weight. In fact, 77 million American men over the age of 20 are currently overweight and about 35 million other men are classified as obese. Despite these shocking numbers, overweight and obese men have options and can start taking action to improve their physical, emotional and mental health immediately.

Nutritional Education & Counseling

Nutritional education begins as soon as men join our Weight Management Program. In addition to seminars and classes, nutritional education also involves working closely with doctors, nurses, dieticians, nutritionists and psychotherapists.

Regular interaction with these specialists will, over time, help men:

  • Understand the ins and outs of proper nutrition
  • Incorporate necessary dietary changes into their daily life
  • Stick to appropriate dietary changes, particularly when they may be tempted to revert to old, unhealthy eating habits
  • Monitor their health as they slowly change their nutritional habits

Personalized Diet Plans

To design individualized weight loss and management programs, our well-trained experts will first assess a patient's needs and recommend goals by:

  • Performing a thorough physical examination
  • Conducting blood tests and ultrasounds, should a physical exam indicate that underlying, weight-related health problems (such as diabetes or heart disease)
  • Gather a patient's complete personal and family medical history
  • Discuss the patient's goals and expectations of undergoing this program
  • Discover the patient's current lifestyle habits (i.e. smoking, alcohol consumption, etc)

With these parameters, our staff can effectively develop a low calorie, healthy diet plan specifically tailored to each male patient. Given that a man's weight and needs will change as he progresses through his weight management program, his diet and nutritional plans will likely change during the course of the program.

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