Weight-Loss Programs

Our caring, expert staff is made up of a variety of weight loss specialists, including surgeons, doctors and nurses; dieticians and nutritionists; physical trainers and exercise specialists and psychotherapists. By working one-on-one with patients, our team of well-trained specialists offers holistic care that:

  • Helps patients select the right weight management program for them
  • Develops a diet and exercise regimen specifically tailored to a patient's individual needs and limitations
  • Provides patients counseling to help them deal with the emotional and mental changes essential to long-lasting weight loss
  • Supports and motivates patients as they slowly change their lifestyle habits, body image and relationship with food

Types of Weight Loss Programs

The Loma Linda University Center for Health Promotion (LLUCHP) offers a variety of nationally acclaimed weight loss programs for helping men effectively lose and manage their weight. Two of the most popular weight management programs include:

  • Optifast® – a 26-week program geared towards men who have over 50 pounds of weight to lose
  • Lean Choices – a 12-week program tailored for men who need to lose less than 50 pounds

New patients will first be invited to attend a free, hour-long orientation that outlines the various weight management programs offered at LLUCHP. By interacting with our staff, men new to the Center for Health Promotion will get a glimpse of our state-of-the-art facilities and an inlet into our experts' compassion.

To Learn More about Our Weight Loss Programs

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