Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Overview

Following a mastectomy (surgical removal of the entire breast) or partial mastectomy (surgical removal of a portion of the breast that contained the cancer), women are eligible candidates to correct breast-cancer related deformities via breast reconstruction surgery. Loma Linda University Medical Center’s (LLUMC) highly specialized plastic surgeons are committed to improving your life by discussing your breast reconstruction surgery options and techniques and ultimately determining the best procedure for you.

With the compassionate care and support of our plastic surgeons, patients undergoing the reconstructive surgical option will not only regain their physical selves, but renew their spirits and peace of mind.

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Obesity does not limit access to breast reconstruction

What is Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Breast reconstruction is a reconstructive surgical procedure performed on women to replace and rebuild the lost breast following a mastectomy. As nationally recognized leaders in their respective fields, our plastic surgeons recreate all or parts of a woman’s breast using a breast implant or natural tissue (i.e. muscle, skin or fat) from another part of the body. The reconstruction of the breast via expanders, implants or flap reconstruction achieves a more balanced and natural look, restoring the normal shape and size of the breast.

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When is the Procedure Performed?

Committed to women’s physical, spiritual and mental health, LLUMC’s experienced staff educates and counsels patients in breast reconstruction procedures prior to mastectomy. Our patients are better informed to make decisions regarding reconstruction. Depending on their medical history, a recommendation is made for either:

  • Immediate reconstruction – reconstructive surgery that is performed simultaneously with a mastectomy
  • Delayed reconstruction – a follow-up operation that is performed once the patient completely recovers from the mastectomy

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

For many women, losing a breast via a mastectomy negatively affects their self-esteem, identity and feelings of femininity. The benefits of breast reconstruction include:

  • Renewal of self-confidence
  • Improved breast appearance
  • Better quality of life
  • The patient feels whole again

Risks & Complications

There are always risks associated with surgery. Your doctor will discuss the risks and the possible complications with each patient individually based on the procedure that is going to be performed. You must approach any reconstructive surgery with realistic expectations. During the initial consultation with your doctor, these expectations along with the best surgical options for you will be discussed.

Health Insurance Coverage

Often times, patients are unaware that breast reconstruction is a benefit covered by insurance companies. To request more information, contact your health insurance provider or LLUMC’s knowledgeable staff to determine if you are an eligible candidate for breast reconstructive surgery.

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