Stage 2 Reconstruction Procedures

After breast reconstruction surgery, many women will seek additional procedures to make their breasts look as natural and symmetrical as possible. Our patients choose Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) for our board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon’s surgical expertise, compassion and commitment to excellence in health, education and research.

Secondary reconstruction procedures correct problems or improve the cosmetic result of the breast mound. Our plastic surgeons are meticulous and methodical, dedicating themselves to improve the lives of women and make them whole again. Typically, these surgeries will be performed on the natural breast to closely resemble the reconstructed breast.

Our Stage 2 Breast Reconstruction Procedures

  • Matching Procedures for the Contralateral Breast – Procedures including augmentation, reduction or lift are performed to match the opposite breast more closely with the reconstructed breast.
  • Breast Implants – Implants come in different shapes, texture and sizes. Implants are placed beneath the chest muscle to recreate the shape and feel of the breast. This also helps reduce scar tissue formation around the implant.
  • Autologous Tissue Implant – Breast reconstruction without implants that usually involves the removal of fat and tissue from other areas of the body to recreate either one or both breasts. Many patients feel that these types of procedures result in a more natural feeling and appearance of the reconstructed breast.
  • Microvascular Free Flap – A reconstruction breast procedure which involves disconnecting the flap from the patient’s body then transplanting and reconnecting it to the blood supply in the chest. With microsurgery, our specially-trained surgeons work through a surgical microscope to reconnect the blood vessels of the flap to new blood vessel of the chest wall. This is a transplant of the patients own tissues. Once the blood flow is re-established, the tissue will live in its new location.
  • Nipple Areolar Reconstruction – A procedure to recreate the nipple and areola (the dark circle around the nipple), making the reconstructed breast mound appear more natural and complete. Commonly, the new nipple and areola is reconstructed using local skin flaps and tattooing to match the color of the opposite nipple.

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When you lose a breast to cancer, it is comforting to know that surgical options are available for you to replace it and feel better about your body. Combined with the ease of scheduling an appointment, LLUMC’s highly accredited staff is deeply dedicated to helping you get back on track to a healthy life. Our commitment to whole person wellness begins with your request for a consultative appointment with one of our plastic surgeons. To set up a breast reconstruction appointment, please call us at 909-558-2100 or e-mail the Department of Plastic Surgery.

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