David B. Hinshaw, MD, IACR, Professor

Chairman, Radiology

Welcome to Loma Linda University Radiology.  We perform more than 280,000 diagnostic exams and procedures each year and are the largest facility in the Inland Empire.  If you need a diagnostic exam or an imaging procedure, the comprehensive services at Loma Linda University Medical Center Radiology are the right choice.

At Loma Linda University we strive to provide, to both physicians and patients, the highest quality radiological medical services available, ensuring that these services are provided with reasonable efficiency; to foster the continuation of quality care by the education of the physicians, patients and the community at large. We continually strive to improve the quality and efficiency of this health care service through dedicated medical research.

Our mission is to implement these goals of premium medical services, education, and research by the effective use of our professional staff and the competent and efficient handling of the technical equipment under the group's supervision.

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