What do we offer in Research?

  1. The program offers diverse opportunities for research in both basic and clinical sciences.
  2. Fellows have published papers and presented abstracts with the active mentorship of clinical and basic science faculty. 
  3. Fellows can also participate in clinical trials as sub-investigators. 
  4. We collaborate with colleagues in Translational research, Transplantation Immunology, and Medical Education Research.
  5. We provide dedicated research months for our fellows – we encourage development of a clear research plan, goals and objectives, and close mentorship. However fellows are also encouraged to develop scholarly research endeavors during other rotations.

Research is more than just doing original traditional laboratory-based research. Research is one type of scholarship. We encourage all to be open to different types of scholarship.  Please refer to Glassick CE. Boyer’s Expanded Definitions of Scholarship, the Standards for Assessing Scholarship, and the Elusiveness of the Scholarship of Teaching. Acad. Med. 2000;75:877–880. (PDF File provided – Glassickarticle.pdf)

For our fellow’s latest scholarship endeavors, please click on this link: (Scholarship Endeavors file)
We wouldn’t be successful without our collaborators. We would like to acknowledge the following:

  1. Clinical Trials Center (VA and LLUMC)
  2. Translational Research Department
    1. Kimberly Payne, PhD
  3. Transplantation Surgery
    1. Dr. Abigail Benitez, PhD
    2. Michael De Vera, MD
  4. School of Pharmacy
    1. Abby Weldon, PhD
  5. Musculoskeletal Radiology
    1. Allison Blackburn, MD, Dr. Alex Chien, MD, Peter Pham, MD
  6. Medical Education – LLU, VA CASE Center
    1. Including LLEADR members TM Kashner, PhD, Larry Loo, MD, Dr Sam Baz, MD, John Byrne, DO
  7. Patient centered Outcomes Center
    1. H Bryant Nguyen, MD (Vice Chair for Research, Department of Medicine)
  8. Dr Nasim Khan, Division of Rheumatology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  9. USSONAR (

Rheumatology Division Research News

Michelle Ngo, DO, First year Rheumatology Fellow, wins Second Prize for her abstract at APC Convention, March 2015.

Michelle Ngo, DO, wins the 2015 Bevra Hahn Scholarship Award, sponsored by The California Rheumatology Alliance.  Award was given during 2015 UCLA Carl Pearson Memorial Meeting, held at Marriott, Marina Del Rey, CA March 2015
Kudos to Abigail Benitez, PhD, Michael De Vera, MD (Transplantation Surgery), and Kimberly Payne, PhD (Translational Research) for their collaboration. Dr Torralba is Dr. Ngo’s Rheumatology faculty mentor.

Joe Gamboa presents abstracts at RCWS-Hawaii, ACR 2014 Boston, APC.

Abstract presented by Dr. Gamboa and Dr. Gamboa with Dr. Marven Cabling at ACR Annual Society Meeting 2013). Fellows and Faculty spearhead Rheumatology Chapters in upcoming edition of Kochar’s Clinical Medicine for Students.