Common Sleep Disorders

At LLUMC, our fully-accredited and comprehensive sleep disorder center effectively diagnoses and treats sleep conditions in adults and children. While sleep can be disturbed in many ways, some of the more common sleep disorders include:

Sleep apnea – A temporary suspension of breathing during sleep. Signs of sleep apnea include snoring, daytime sleepiness and pauses in breathing.

Parasomnias – Undesirable physical events or experiences that occur during entry into sleep, within sleep or during arousal from sleep. Some examples of parasomnias include sleepwalking, sleep terrors, REM sleep behavioral disorder, recurrent isolated sleep paralyses, nightmare disorder, restless legs syndrome, bed wetting and sleep related eating disorder.

Narcolepsy – Extreme sleepiness that occurs during the day, making it difficult for a person to stay awake for normal daytime functions.

Insomnia – The persistent difficulty of falling or staying asleep which may be caused by underlying psychological factors including depression and anxiety.