Pancreas Transplant

The Pancreas Transplant Program is a component of Loma Linda University Medical Center Transplantation Institute’s comprehensive multi-organ transplantation program. Within a patient-centered environment, the Transplantation Institute performs solitary pancreas transplantation, combined kidney-pancreas transplantation and pancreas after kidney transplantation, providing excellent outcomes for adult patients dealing with complex diseases such as Type 1 diabetes and end-stage kidney disease.

Program Overview

The pancreas is a large, slender gland located behind the stomach. Its main functions are to secrete enzymes to help with digestion and regulate blood sugar by producing insulin and glucagon. Pancreas transplants are performed for people with severe Type 1 diabetes and have either healthy kidney function or a functioning kidney transplant. When Type 1 diabetes cannot be controlled, a successful pancreas transplant can slow the progression of complications from their disease.

Rarely are pancreases transplanted independently of a kidney transplant, but in many cases, this procedure is considered for diabetics with significant kidney disease. During the combined or simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplant, the patient will receive a kidney and pancreas from the same deceased donor. Pancreas transplantation can also be performed after kidney transplant which occurs when the patient has already received a kidney transplant, commonly from a living donor, and later receives a pancreas from a different deceased organ donor.

Successful pancreas or kidney-pancreas transplant recipients have a greater chance of living a normal lifestyle, free from insulin injections, dialysis and other diabetic complications. As a result, these patients can enjoy a more normal quality of life, greater activity and independence.

Our Approach

The Transplantation Institute applies a multidisciplinary approach to provide patients with world-class medical care. Staying on the cutting-edge of the latest research and technology, our specially trained experts participate in the evaluation, management, treatment and follow-up for each individual pancreatic transplant patient. Committed “to make man whole,” LLUMC treats patients with compassion and concern while helping them achieve the best quality of life possible.

Our Pancreas Transplant Team

LLUMC’s Pancreas Transplant Team is comprised of physicians, nurse coordinators and staff that specialize in transplantation techniques, immunosuppressant drugs, post-transplant care, pancreatic and kidney disease. Through our expertise, the Pancreas Transplant Team exclusively works with patients and their families individually to develop the best, personalized treatment option. In turn, patients experience accessible, compassionate and comprehensive care before, during and after transplantation.


The Pancreas Transplant Program at LLUMC’s Transplantation Institute is accredited by the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), a national transplantation program, as well as a CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) recertification in 2009.