Resources - Urogynecology

Loma Linda University Medical Center is founded on the mission to “make man whole” by healing the entire person. This focus informs all that we do, from the first appointment with a patient to the last day of discharge. We know that well-informed patients can make the best decisions for their personal health care needs, so the Section of Urogynecology has put together a collection of resources to promote whole person wellness.

We offer:

  • News, Books & Articles: We encourage our patients to learn about the latest news and articles regarding the field of urogynecology. From information about technological advances to new procedures to new ways to promote healing, this resource can help you feel more comfortable about the expertise of Loma Linda University Medical Center's physicians and provide you with the needed information about advances in the field.
  • Patient Education: It is essential for patients to be able to understand their condition and make choices regarding treatment options. This section offers important information for patients dealing with urogynecologic issues.