Female Pelvic Health

About the Experts at LLUMC’s Female Pelvic Health Center
Loma Linda University Medical Center offers the Inland Empire's only female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery center. Because of their complexity, pelvic floor conditions often required the attention of multiple specialists with expertise in urological, gynecological and colorectal testing and treatments. A new subspecialty training program now enables a physician to develop expertise in each of these areas, resulting in an unprecedented level of skill and understanding of the management of these conditions. The Female Pelvic Health Center offers the expertise of these specially trained physicians and treatment of the most complex and difficult conditions. Some of these sophisticated procedures include:

  • Construction of  a new functional vagina for females born without one (vaginal agenesis/hypoplasia); the surgery can be performed in late adolescence
  • Vaginal reconstruction for an adult female where prior surgery caused additional complications
  • Cosmetic pelvic surgery where there is a medical indication, such as:
  • Labial hypertrophy, in which the labia minora are extremely large  and cause irritation and rubbing on clothing, sweating, rash, rawness, pain during sexual intercourse, or psychological discomfort.  
  • Extreme laxity of the vaginal opening due to multiple vaginal births (6 or more). Surgery to reverse this laxity requires only a one-night stay in the hospital.
  • Cosmetic pelvic surgery at the Female Pelvic Health Center is performed only when medically appropriate.


The Female Pelvic Health program offers new hope to women via two specialized centers of excellence that provide state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment modalities, based on the latest medical research. Click here for more information:



The Center for Urogynecology

Center for Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

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