Surgical/Trauma Intensive Care - Unit 8100

The surgical/trauma intensive care unit is a 22-bed intensive care unit with an all registered nurse staff, who work closely and collaboratively with the medical staff and other departments to provide nursing care for the critically ill adult and adolescent trauma and surgical patient. The surgical patient population includes, but is not limited to: solid organ transplantation, neurosurgery, vascular, ENT, gynecology, abdominal, general surgeries, and adult trauma.

As a Level I trauma center, the unit staff are supported by the trauma support service and the neurosurgery support services staff to provide optimal care for the trauma and neurosurgical patients. The staff receive training in the management of the unstable patient, utilizing invasive hemodynamic monitoring, intracranial pressure monitoring, and mechanical ventilation, among other modalities and the latest sophisticated technologies. Education and advancement of the nursing staff is encouraged and many of the nurses have obtained the national certification for critical care.