FAQ - International Patient Services


Where is Loma Linda located?

Loma Linda is located in Southern California approximately 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of Los Angeles. Is it nestled in the valley of the San Bernardino Mountains and is fortunate to have mild weather year-round. Conveniently located, Loma Linda is within comfortable driving distance from Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas. Southern California has many cultural and natural attractions to suit various tastes and preferences: museums, art exhibitions, theatres, amusement parks, shopping centers, athletic events, national parks, mountains, and beaches. Be sure to share your interests with our International Patient Coordinator, and we will be happy to create a personalized amenity package for you. ( more...)

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Tell me more about Loma Linda University Medical Center.

Since its beginning in 1905, Loma Linda University Medical Center has been serving the worldwide community and is the international leader in infant heart transplantation and proton radiation therapy for cancer. The present 11-story Medical Center, along with the East Campus, Heart and Surgical Hospital, and Behavioral Medical Center, has nearly 900 beds available for patient care. Loma Linda University Medical Center is also a teaching hospital. It is among the largest private medical educational centers in the United States. Loma Linda University Medical Center comprises more than 23 acres of floor space, which includes a research wing. The laboratories here are used by researchers at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine--the second-largest private medical school in California. Most of the Medical Center's 550-physician staff are on the School of Medicine faculty.

Loma Linda University Medical Center serves 33 000 inpatients and 650 000 outpatients annually. Loma Linda University Medical Center has some of the leading clinical programs in the United States, including outpatient surgery and neonatal care. It is licensed for 72 neonatal intensive care beds for premature or sick babies and is one of the largest facilities of its kind in the world.


I do not speak English. How will I communicate with my physician at Loma Linda University Medical Center?

We will arrange for language interpretation for all of your medical appointments. In most cases, the interpreter will accompany you to your medical appointments, so that you can speak face-to-face with the physician and your interpreter.

What language should my medical records be in?

All of your medical records need to be in English. It is your responsibility to have your medical records translated in to English. The original copy of your medical records, as well as the translations, will be submitted to our physician specialist for review.

Travel and transportation

I need a visa to travel to the USA. Can you help me apply for my visa?

Once you are medically and financially cleared for treatment, we will prepare a letter of acceptance for treatment at Loma Linda University Medical Center. You will take this letter to the US Embassy and apply for the appropriate visa. Please feel free to notify the officers at the Embassy to contact us directly if they have any questions.

What international airport is the closest to Loma Linda?

The majority of our international patients arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Sometimes, patients traveling from other cities within the US or from Canada arrive at Ontario International Airport (ONT), which is only 20 minutes away from Loma Linda.

Will I be met at the airport?

Yes, of course. Our International Patient Coordinator will arrange your airport pick-up and drop-off. Just provide us with your flight details.

How will I get around Loma Linda?

Loma Linda is a small, quiet town where most places are located within comfortable walking distance. The Medical Center also operates a free shuttle service that connects our treatment facilities. Daily transportation to medical appointments and leisure trips is not provided. Our International Patient Coordinator will be happy to assist you with renting a car upon your arrival.


I would like to stay close to the medical center while I receive treatment, is that something you can help me with?

Yes. Before your arrival, our International Patient Coordinator will contact you to determine your housing needs and set up tours and/or your reservation.

What are the housing options available?

There are several housing options available within walking distance from the Medical Center, including private houses and apartments. Some of our patients choose to stay in local hotels for the duration of their treatment.


Do you accept international insurance?

International insurance is only accepted if the insurance company has a contract agreement with Loma Linda University Medical Center and/or Loma Linda University Health Care.

May I make payments to International Patient Services for my medical care?

In order to receive medical care at Loma Linda University Medical Center, including scheduling of your first appointment, payment must be made in full in order to obtain financial clearance. Please contact our Financial Coordinator ( internationalservices@llu.edu) for more information.

What is the cost for a particular treatment, such as proton beam therapy?

After you have been medically accepted, a proposed treatment plan will be made for you. Some treatment plans have a prepaid case rate which will be communicated to you. However, if your treatment plan is unique and/or complex, a customized deposit will need to be determined.

I am medically accepted and financially cleared, what happens next?

We will make the necessary medical appointments and provide a medical acceptance letter for obtaining visas, if necessary. After our Nurse Intake Coordinator contacts you with your appointment schedule, you will need to book a flight to Los Angeles, California or Ontario, California. We can arrange for a driver to pick you up and take you to either a reserved hotel room or a pre-determined housing option. Our International Patient Coordinator will accompany you to your first consultation with your physician and make other necessary arrangements.


How soon can I come for treatment to Loma Linda University Medical Center?

Depending on the type of treatment required, this process can take as little as two weeks. The process can be lengthened due to our physician's recommendations, your medical status, and/or scheduling availability.

How long will I have to stay for treatment?

This depends on your medical needs and your proposed treatment plan. Our Nurse Intake Coordinator can answer this question after your medical records have been reviewed and your treatment has been determined.


I am coming for treatment and would like to bring someone with me. Is it possible for them to receive a check-up while in Loma Linda?

Yes. If a friend or a relative of yours would like to take advantage of our exceptional medical care, for example, a comprehensive heart screening for women through our International Heart Institute, we would be happy to schedule appointments and help in any way. Medical clearance may not be necessary depending on the service requested, but financial clearance will still be needed. Please let us know.

What is there to do when I am not going for treatments?

Some of our advanced procedures (for example, proton radiation therapy) are so minimally invasive that our patients have the full ability and a lot of time to explore and enjoy Southern California. It is not uncommon to see our patients relaxing on the beach, shopping in one of the local shopping centers, playing golf, touring museums, or even going to Las Vegas for the weekend. You can find out more about the many attractions and places of interest of Southern California that are easily accessible for Loma Linda University Medical Center patients here.