What is a Code Pink/Purple?

  • Code Pink is when an infant less than 12 months of age is suspected or confirmed as missing.
  • Code Purple is when a child greater than 12 months of age is suspected or confirmed as missing.

Responding to a Code Pink / Purple:

  • Events in a Code Pink / Purple:


  - Conduct a rapid assessment
- Notify Security
- Alert all unit staff
- Go to exits
- Check stairwells
- Conduct an immediate unit search
- Account for all patients
- Stay with family
- Notify nurse manager
- Preserve evidence
  • Code Pink / Purple Response Flow
  • Response to a Suspicious Person during a Code Pink / Purple:
    If you see someone with a large bag or leaving with a child or infant:
    • Tell them this is an emergency situation. It will be necessary to wait a moment while we clear every adult with an infant or child.
    • We also need to check all bags.
    • If the person refuses, report to Security at ext. 911.
    • Keep mental note of details, physical description, and behavior.

Abduction Prevention

  • Front-line of defense
  • Patient identification bands
    • (refer to operating policy S-8, Patient Identification)
  • Employee identification
    • (refer to Medical Center Administrative policy I-24, Identification)
  • Parent identification
  • Be alert to any unusual behavior / loitering
  • Report suspicious behavior to Security, ext. 911
  • Infant and pediatric security policy
    • (refer to Security policy S-6, Infant and Pediatric Security)
  • Instruct Families:
    • never leave baby unattended in playroom or lobby
    • never give baby to someone you do not know
  • Log patient "on" and "off" unit
  • Child to go on and off the unit with family member or hospital personnel