Visiting the BHI

Intake Process

The intake process is completed over the phone, and is done to understand the patient's needs. The intake process also determines what the patients billing preference is, whether it is out-of-pocket or through insurance. The intake screening should only take a total of ten-minutes, afterwards you will be able to schedule an appointment.

To start the intake process you may call the centralized intake phone number at 909-558-9500 ext. 2

Initial Visit

The patient will need to fill out the intake forms as well as complete a total of 5 psychological assessments to identify their need.

Medication Management Session

Initial visits are about an hour long and follow ups are about 30 minutes long. Please contact our call center for more information on availability and to book an appointment - 909-558-9500.

Getting to the BHI

The BHI is located adjacent to the Behavioral Medicine Center with two parking lot entrances. One is on Barton Road, and the other is on Iowa Street. For address and additional information, visit the Contact Us page.