Facing Ethical Dilemmas with Faith: Bioethics and World Religions Case Conference

This day-long program will explore the nature of bioethics in a multi-cultural society in which patients and healthcare professionals frequently come from different religious backgrounds and vastly different understandings of what constitutes appropriate ethical and moral decisions. Six case studies will be presented that examine instances in which a patient has made a special request based on their religious beliefs that is at odds with the recommendations of the care team. Members of the legal and medical professions as well as ethicists, religion scholars and members of respective faith traditions will generate dialogue with the audience for an interactive case conference style event. All are welcome to join and participate in this unique experience.Panelists include:David Chooljian, MD, JD - Attorney, Physician and Clinical Ethicist for the VAGrae Oei, MD, MA - Associate Director of the Center for Christian BioethcsWhitny Braun, PhD, MPH - Assistant Professor of Ethics and Associate Director of the Center for Understanding World ReligionsSwasti Bhattacharyya, PhD, RN - Bioethicist & Comparative Religion ScholarPhil Gold, MD - Physician and Member of the Jewish Faith CommunitySushama Parekh - Jain LeaderShamel Abd-Allah, MD - Physician and Member of the Muslim Faith CommunityManeck Bhujwala - Zoroastrian Priest and Interfaith LeaderAli Makki, DMD - Physician and Zoroastrian LeaderChase Knowles, MA, PhD (ABD) - Doctoral Student in ReligionDr. Kanwaljeet K. Maken, MD - Physician and Member of Sikh Faith CommunityMarch 12, 2018 from 8:00am to 4:00pmLocation: Chen Fong Conference Center, Centennial Complex, 24760 Stewart Street, Loma Linda, CA 92350 Reservations required.To reserve your seat, visit https://religion.llu.edu/caseconferenceFor more information, call 909-558-8434 or email religion@llu.edu