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Past projects

Loma Linda University has been involved in a project in Hangzhou, China over the past eight years. LLU emergency medicine has participated in emergency medicine development in the 700-bed hospital, including emergency medical training, assessment courses, residency program development, and EMS development.

Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands The South Pacific Islands are a beautiful and interesting place to visit. Health-care systems, however, are rudimentary. Basic health-care assessment courses were offered as well as direct clinical experience in the treatment of many tropical diseases.
Tanzania Fellows have participated in health-care development of basic medical clinics. Many health conditions not commonly seen in US-based training are seen here.
Central America Fellows have been involved with trauma and disaster preparation training in Guatemala, Panama, and Nicaragua.
India Basic trauma assessment courses were given to rural hospital staff. In addition, acute care courses were taught at a medical school.
Cuba Fellows participated in conferences focusing on emergency medicine topics to physicians in Cuba.
Afghanistan Loma Linda University has been a partner of the Kabul Medical Institute for over forty years and has provided assistance in curriculum development, teaching, and systems development.
International emergency medicine conferences

Fellows participate in international emergency conferences courses in many areas of the world. Recent meetings include those held in New York, Spain, Cuba, India, and Australia.

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