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A Visit from Dr. Keith R. Pennypacker

Dr. Pennypacker, Professor of Pharmacology at University of South Florida, visited LLU and did a presentation on stroke research in the Zhang Neuroscience Consortium on May 8, 2009. Dr. Pennypacker is a pioneer in elucidating the role of spleen-derived immune cells in stroke outcome.

WARC Awards

Dr. Steve Lee attended the Western Anesthesia Resident Conference research competition, held in Palm Springs on May 2nd/3rd. Dr. Lee won several WARC awards at last year’s conference, and again won 1st place this year on his oral presentation! Congratulations!

New Members in Zhang Laboratory

Chunhua Chen, a Ph.D. student from China, has recently joined Zhang lab. Chunhua is interested in focal cerebral ischemia. Wenwu Liu, also a Ph.D. student from China, is interested in therapeutic interventions for maternal hypoxia. We anticipate great work from these two!

Farewell to Dr. Takumi Sozen

Dr. Sozen, a neurosurgeon from Japan, has completed his research training in Zhang lab and has recently returned to clinical practice in Japan. Dr. Sozen co-authored a couple papers and had his original article accepted for publication in Stroke. We wish Dr. Sozen the best!

Welcome Drs. Yan Zhan & Kamil Duris

Two new researchers joined the Zhang Lab in June. Dr. Yan Zhan, a neurosurgeon from China, will spend one year pursuing experimental treatments of subarachnoid hemorrhage.  Dr. Kamil Duris, a neurosurgeon from Czech Republic, will stay with us for two years to research cerebrovascular diseases.  May the time spent in the Zhang lab be fruitful for both of you!

Farewell to Drs. Oumei Cheng & Bihua Wu

Drs. Oumei Cheng and Bihua Wu returned to their native China after having completed their research training in the Zhang lab. Even though they were staying for only one year, each of them conducted two studies and wrote two manuscripts, currently being prepared for submission. We are hoping that their papers will soon appear in prestigious journals!

The Zhang Lab welcomes 3 new researchers this fall

Dr. Orhan Altay and Dr. Zhaohui He are neurosurgeons whose work is aimed at developing novel therapies of brain injury following subarachnoid hemorrhage. Dr. Altay is from Turkey and will stay with us for two years. Dr. He is from China and is a visiting research fellow. Our third addition is Qin Hu, a graduate student from Beijing. Ms. Hu will study neuroprotection in the focal ischemic stroke model. Both Dr. He and Qin will stay in our Lab for one year.

Dr. Raj Ratan visited LLU

Dr. Raj Ratan of Cornell University, who is a renowned expert in the hypoxic signaling pathways, visited LLU and delivered a lecture for the IBGS on January 7, 2010. Dr. Ratan, hosted by Dr. Zhang, visited the Zhang Neuroscience Research Lab and met with students and faculty. This meeting resulted in an exchange of ideas and brought new perspectives for collaboration between the two research groups.

Dr. Hank Chen and Bin Huang joined Zhang Lab in January of 2010

Dr. Chen started his postdoctoral fellowship in neurosciences.  He is completing a study in post-treatment neuroprotection in surgical brain injury.  He is also pursuing his other research interests, which include cerebral angiopathies, neonatal hypoxia and neuroprotection using nano-medicines.

Bin is a graduate student from China who joined Dr. Zhang's lab to complete training in neuroscience research. He will study molecular mechanisms of ICH-induced brain injury.
We hope that their work will soon come to fruition!

Dr. Manaenko receives the Julian Hoff Award

The award, with a check for $1000, was handed to Dr. Anatol Manaenko at the Third International Conference on Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Palm Springs, California on March 9, 2010. His research presentation, which received this honor, was entitled “Geldanamycin Reduced Brain Injury in Mouse Model of Intracerebral Hemorrhage.”  It offered in-depth insight into neuroprotective mechanisms of geldanamycin in the treatment of hemorrhagic brain injury. Congrats from the whole Zhang Lab!

Farewell to Drs. Yu Hasegawa and Yilin Zhou

On March 12, 2010 Zhang lab members went for farewell lunch for departing post-doctoral fellows, Drs. Yu Hasegawa and Yilin Zhou. The event took place at BJ’s restaurant in San Bernardino. Both doctors have been productive and well liked by collaborators. During lunch, the doctors received many warm wishes for their future welfare.


This year’s Annual Postgraduate Convention held at LLU honored Dr. Robert Ayer from Neurosurgery Department for his research carried out in the Zhang Lab. Dr. Ayer, who had conducted studies on surgical brain injury, received the first place award in the Research Fellow category.
Mr. Adriel Fajilan was granted Alpha Carolyn L. Kuchein Student Fellowship to support his research on new neuroprotectants in neonatal hypoxia.
This calls for a celebration!

Welcome, Drs. Yoshiteru Soejima and Mutsumi Fuji

Two Japanese neurosurgeons joined our research staff. Dr. Yoshiteru Soejima from the University of Occupational and Environmental Health in Fukuoka and Dr. Mutsumi Fuji from Yamaguchi University joined the Zhang lab in April for two years of postdoctoral training. Dr. Soejima will study the role of cytokines in cerebral ischemia.  Dr. Fuji will pursue novel therapies of subarachnoid hemorrhage in the experimental setting. Good luck to both of you!

Dr. Nikan Khatibi receives 1st place trophy at WARC

Having completed his outstanding research in the Zhang Lab, Dr. Khatibi submitted an abstract on the experimental therapies of intracerebral hemorrhage to the Western Anesthesia Resident Conference.  He gave an oral presentation and was declared a winner of the conference. Congratulations, Nikan!