Event Medicine

LLUMC's active event medicine program is directed by faculty physician Jeff Grange, MD, who is the medical director of the local California Speedway. Residents have opportunities to participate in various events in conjunction with Penske Motorsports, Med-Event medical services, and other organizations. Residents can volunteer to assist with medical support for major concerts, motorcycle and off-road races, rodeos, professional baseball, film shoots, and other special events such as the Academy Awards.

Residents regularly assist in the medical coverage of the California Speedway, host of NASCAR and CART car racing. The Speedway boasts state-of-the-art emergency medical support, featuring eight first-aid stations, two full-service emergency stations, as well as an in-field heliport to provide coverage for the 100,000-plus attendance at each event.

First photo: Nascar event at the California Speedway Second photo: Residents have the option of assisting with medical coverage at Penske Motorsports' state-of-the-art California Speedway.

Wilderness medicine

Jeff Grange, MD, Tammi Thomas, MD, and Steve Corbett, MD, all coordinate various aspects of the department's wilderness medicine program. Residents have the opportunity to participate in wilderness seminars for search and rescue teams, and ski patrol. Some residents are active members of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's aviation search and rescue team, learning aviation transport and wilderness rescue skills.

The Loma Linda University Emergency Medicine Residency is in the ideal location for Wilderness Medicine training due to it's close proximity to the mountains, desert, and ocean.  In addition to the many Wilderness Medicine opportunities LLUMC is a world recognized leader in envenomation medicine.  Snake envenomations are the specialty of attending Sean Bush, MD who oversees a one year envenomation fellowship that began July 2006.

Photo: A resident flying with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's aviation search and rescue team prepares to airlift an injured patient.