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The HOPES program is designed to provide support to families who are grieving the loss of their child. We are aware that this is a difficult and emotional time for you. Your needs are very special during this time. We offer these pages as a resource to you in hopes that we can be helpful as you walk this difficult journey. If you have questions, please call the HOPES office, or call the Medical Center and ask to speak to a Social Worker or Chaplain. 

  • HOPES Office
  • Loma Linda University Medical Center (ask to speak to a Social Worker or Chaplain)

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A Prayer in Time of Pain
Lord, out of your understanding and mercy reach out to me. Hold me, comfort me, let me know that I will laugh again from a happiness that is as profound as my grief at this moment. It feels as though my heart has been torn from deep inside me. The ache is more than I can bear and I am not certain I can live with such pain. Touch me with your tender caress and give me comfort. I need to feel some relief, just a few moments when my mind
will be still, and quiet peace will settle upon my soul. You can do that, Lord. Give me peace and calm quietness.
-Author Unknown