Sexual Function

Healthy sexual function in men involves being able to complete and experience satisfaction from the sexual cycle of excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Approximately 31 percent of American men report having some difficulty experiencing sexual satisfaction, and worldwide, one in 10 men suffers from erectile dysfunction.

At Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), our knowledgeable specialists use cutting-edge technologies to diagnose and treat men's sexual function conditions. Our comprehensive methods and holistic approach allow our dedicated doctors and nurses to effectively:

  • Identify the precise causes of sexual dysfunction
  • Develop treatment regimens specifically designed for a patient's unique needs and conditions
  • Support patients as they start and follow through with necessary treatments and lifestyle changes

Factors Affecting Men's Sexual Function

Male sexual dysfunction can result from complications with:

  • Libido, the desire and drive to engage in sexual activity, which can be a result of poor diet, certain health conditions and drug use. These factors all affect testosterone levels, which, in turn, can decrease libido and contribute to male sexual dysfunction.
  • Erections which can result from a series of complex neuropsychological processes. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can be caused by stress, depression, environmental factors, drug use or physical trauma.
  • Ejaculation, the process of sperm being expelled from the penis, which can be caused by physical abnormalities or certain medications that impede or altogether prevent proper ejaculation.
  • Orgasm, or the pleasurable sensation occurring upon ejaculation, which can be affected if men take certain drugs, suffer from psychiatric disorders or live with specific physical abnormalities.

Diagnosing & Treating Male Sexual Dysfunction

To appropriately identify a man's sexual function, our team may administer any combination of ultrasounds, neurological evaluations, dynamic infusion cavernosometry and cavernosography (DICC) - an injection of dye that displays the blood flow in and out of the penis - and a nocturnal tumescence test, which monitors whether men unconsciously experience erections as they sleep.

The sexual experience involves a series of complex physical, neurological and environmental factors. Following thorough exams and proper diagnosis, LLUMC's professional, compassionate staff will create individual treatment regimens that may include:

  • Hormone therapy and / or medication
  • Sex and / or behavioral counseling and therapy
  • Surgery to correct physical abnormalities, promote healthier blood flow or insert a penile implant

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