Prevention & Risk Evaluation

Men are historically four times as likely as women to suffer from sudden cardiac events, and in 2008, more than 322,000 men died from heart disease alone. Understanding the risks of heart problems and taking measures to prevent them can be crucial in minimizing the chances that men develop life-threatening heart conditions.

Risk Factors for Heart Problems

Caucasian men are more likely to suffer from heart disease than African American and Latino men with 9.4 percent of all Caucasian men, 7.1 percent of African American men and 5.6 percent of Latino men developing heart disease at some point in their lifetime. Although genetic and weight factors play a significant role in the structure and function of a man's heart, so too do lifestyle habits and nutritional practices, including:

  • Alcohol and / or drug use
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Smoking
  • Weight

In 2008, smoking and obesity were actually the top two factors contributing to development of heart disease in American men.

About Our Heart Problem Prevention Services

At LLUMC's Cardiovascular Wellness Department and our Center for Health Promotion (CHP), our experienced, well-trained staff is committed to working with men to:

  • Educate them about the causes of and risk factors for heart problems
  • Inform them about the diet and lifestyle changes they can make to improve their heart health
  • Monitor their progress and motivate them to maintain their heart healthy practices.

An individual man's prevention recommendations will vary according to his particular risk of developing severe heart conditions. Our prevention services are focused on helping men learn how to make and maintain healthy eating choices, understand the importance of regular exercise, develop and maintain a healthy exercise regimen, quit smoking if applicable and address their drug and / or alcohol use if applicable.

About Our Heart Risk Evaluation Services

To thoroughly evaluate a man's risk for developing heart problems, our staff compiles a detailed medical profile for each patient that includes information about the man's age and his history of:

  • Alcohol and / or drug use
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure or hypertension
  • Prescription medication use
  • Smoking
  • Surgery and other invasive treatments
  • Weight fluctuations

These comprehensive charts help our knowledgeable specialists provide effective, patient-centered care focused on promoting men's overall wellbeing. To assess a man’s heart health on an ongoing basis, our dedicated physicians may also require patients to have regular checkups and blood tests.

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