Fitness Testing

Exercising regularly is vital to effectively managing weight and maintaining optimal health. To equip men of all fitness levels to reach their weight loss and wellness goals, the experienced specialists at the Loma Linda University Center for Health Promotion (LLUCHP) work closely with their patients to:

  • Develop a personalized exercise regimen that takes into account a patient's physical limitations
  • Teach patients proper exercise techniques, including warming up, stretching and cooling down
  • Support patients and keep them motivated to regularly practice their exercise plans
  • Monitor patient's health via regular checkups to ensure that exercise is improving their health

Personalized Fitness Testing

Our doctors and nurses will first perform a thorough physical exam to identify any possible impairments or limitations before designing an individualized exercise regimen. Possible tests and evaluations involved in this diagnostic process may include the:

  • Basal Metabolic Rate Test (BMR) – an evaluation of the number of calories a man eats versus those he burns in a given day
  • Body Composition Assessment – an underwater weight measurement that helps our specialists determine a man's percentage of fat versus lean body mass
  • VO2 Maximal Fitness Stress Test – an evaluation typically performed on treadmills and / or stationary bikes of a man's baseline fitness and target heart rate

Starting a Fitness Regimen

In most cases, men just starting one of our specialized fitness regimens will:

  • Work with a personal trainer or exercise expert at each of his workout sessions
  • Be asked to work out between 3 and 5 days/week for at least 30 minutes for each session
  • Need to get regular physical exams as they undergo exercise to monitor their health and progress
  • Be instructed to practice new exercise regimens alongside a healthy, balanced diet

As men start losing weight and gaining stamina, our trainers will slowly start to make exercise routines harder and longer to support patients’ achieving their weight loss goals. Such changes are typically cleared with physicians and nurses to ensure they are safe and won't harm the patient.

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