Multiple Sclerosis/ Neuro-Immunology

Multiple Sclerosis Center

The MS Center of Loma Linda University Health employs a comprehensive approach to deliver optimal diagnosis and treatment of those affected by MS and related disorders.  After a careful history and detailed neurological examination, various testing modalities may be employed including MRI of the brain and spine, lumbar puncture to assess the spinal fluid, and evoked potential testing to verify the disease.  Serum blood testing may be performed to assess other medical conditions which may present in a similar fashion to MS.  Our team then counsels patients on proper treatment options. 

We work closely with the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at Loma Linda for initial evaluation and ongoing therapies as well as any assistive devices that the patient may need.  Our team collaborates with the Urology Department at Loma Linda for those with bowel or bladder issues and the Neurosurgery Department at Loma Linda for insertion of specialized devices.  We work with the Psychiatry Department at Loma Linda for those patients with issues of depression or cognitive issues. Finally, our patients are also referred to our Wellness Center so that lifestyle modification, including nutrition, is optimized.


After the initial neurological evaluation is complete, a patient may be eligible to participate in clinical trials depending on their clinical course and medication regimen.  Our dedicated neurological research team at Loma Linda Neurology Department will screen and follow patients through the span of the trial to monitor progression and assess response.  This type of research has led to significant breakthroughs in multiple sclerosis treatments.

Multiple Sclerosis Team Members

Director: Michael J. Olek, DO
Daniel Giang, MD
Sandra Estrada, MN, RN, FNP-C

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