Pediatric Brain Surgery

Pediatric brain tumors are masses of abnormal cells that grow in the brain. Whether benign or malignant, any childhood brain tumor poses to be life threatening and may impair intellectual and neurological function. Promptly removing the brain tumor is necessary because of its potential to spread to other areas of the brain and body. The pediatric brain tumor may also grow too big, pressing against tissues that control a child’s bodily functions. Unfortunately, many young children cannot only be treated with standard therapies such as radiation or chemotherapy due to the negative effects on the child’s developing central nervous system.

At Loma Linda, children with brain tumors are treated with experienced specialists in pediatric neurosurgery who collaborate with multiple specialties to review each individual case. The Department of Neurosurgery’s multidisciplinary team approach results in an effective treatment plan that removes as much of the tumor as possible. Our extensive experience with these tumors allows us minimizes injury to the surrounding brain and reduces potential risks, enabling children to sustain normal growth and development.


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Advanced Practice Providers 

  • Kelly Deckard, DNP
  • Marina Gonzalez, PA-C
  • Yuthana Kong, PA-C
  • Hayley Pekarcik, NP
  • Asma Taha, NP