About Orthopedic Surgery

LLUH Department of Orthopedic Surgery

Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) is a full service healthcare system. With seven hospitals and a number of clinics, we have everything that our patients need. The Department of Orthopedic Surgery is just one of the many services offered at LLUH that adds to our comprehensive approach to care.

In tandem with other departments and clinics throughout the LLUH system, the Department of Orthopedic Surgery offers a full array of orthopedic services. From imaging and diagnosis, to treatment and physical therapy, we offer everything you need for a successful recovery.

LLUH is also the only Level 1 Trauma Center in San Bernardino County. All of the most complicated emergency cases come to our hospital. This allows our surgeons to add to their already extensive experience in complex situations, making them authorities in orthopedic care.

Surgeons at our clinic are faculty at Loma Linda University. They commonly engage in cutting-edge research and train future orthopedic surgeons. Much of their research has been published in academic journals.

Our physicians are experts in their respective fields of orthopedic surgery. After having completed medical school, each of our attending physicians went through several more years of advanced training to gain proficiency in their specific fields of orthopedics. Our physicians have established new techniques and technology that are commonplace in the practice of orthopedics today.

With the combination of a world class facility and expert staff, the LLUH Department of Orthopedic Surgery is one of the leading orthopedic centers in Southern California. Many patients come to us when other facilities lack the expertise to perform complex procedures and when their treatment at other facilities fail. We get patients from all over California, the United States and even from overseas.

When you are deciding on where to get your knee replacement, spine surgery or other orthopedic treatment, choose a comprehensive health system that is built around you. Choose Loma Linda University Health.