Doctors - Orthopedics

Our Orthopedic Doctors by Specialty

If you need assistance selecting a doctor or making an appointment, contact Loma Linda University Medical Center’s (LLUMC) Department of Orthopedic Surgery at 909-558-2808.

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Foot and Ankle

William P. Bunnell, MD

General Trauma

Hrayr G. Basmajian, MD

Hand Surgery and Upper Extremities

Wesley P. Phipatanakul, MD
Barth B. Riedel, MD
Hasan M. Syed, MD
Barry E. Watkins, MD
M. Daniel Wongworawat, MD
Virchel E. Wood, Jr., MD

Joint Replacement

Gary D. Botimer, MD (hip and knee)
Thomas R. Burgdorff, MD (total joints)
Wesley P. Phipatanakul, MD (shoulder)

Pediatric Orthopedics

Martin J. Morrison, MD
Scott C. Nelson, MD
Virchel E. Wood, Jr., MD (hand)

Pediatric Scoliosis

William P. Bunnell, MD (non-operative)
Martin J. Morrison, MD
Scott Nelson, MD


Olumide A. Danisa, MD

Sports Medicine

Nirav Amin, MD
Hasan M. Syed, MD


Lee Zuckerman, MD

Total Joints


Total Knees

Nirav Amin, MD