International Limb Lengthening Institute

image: Dr. Botimer with an International Limb Lengthening Institute pediatric patient

Whole Person Care Using Cutting-edge Techniques

The Department of Orthopedic Surgery’s doctors offer cutting-edge techniques for children and adults with upper and lower extremity deformities. With our orthopedic specialists’ high level of expertise in deformity correction, the International Limb Lengthening Institute achieves the best possible patient outcomes by restoring mobility, improving function and decreasing disability.

Our Approach

The International Limb Lengthening Institute helps patients with a limb deformities and leg length discrepancies that are present from birth (congenital) or are acquired as a result of an injury, infection or tumor. These conditions affect the appearance and function of the limb, immobilizing patients and preventing them from carrying out normal activities. At Loma Linda University Medical Center’s International Limb Lengthening Institute, our doctors understand that a limb deformity can lead to physical and mental impediments to feeling whole. With that in mind, the specialists at the institute collaborate to address the physical, mental and spiritual needs of each patient prior to determining a course of treatment.

Did You Know?

We are the only limb lengthening and reconstruction specialists in the Inland Empire.