Cosmetic Pelvic Surgery

Loma Linda University Medical Center offers the Inland Empire's only female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery center. Staffed with specially trained surgeons who are experts in the multidisciplinary field of urogynecology, our section treats women suffering from a variety of urogynecological conditions. We take our mission of whole person healing seriously and therefore offer cosmetic pelvic surgery when it is medically necessary.

Conditions requiring cosmetic pelvic surgery:

  • Labial hypertrophy, in which the labia minora are extremely large and cause irritation and rubbing on clothing, sweating, rash, rawness, pain during sexual intercourse, or psychological discomfort.
  • Extreme laxity of the vaginal opening due to multiple vaginal births (6 or more). Surgery to reverse this laxity requires only a one-night stay in the hospital.
  • Distortion of external genitalia from previous trauma such as childbirth, surgery or cultural practice or ritual.

Providing the highest standards in patient care and education, our team diagnoses, consults and treats patients in our state-of-the-art facility. We work to ensure that every woman who walks through our doors feels comfortable and confident in our years of experience as the area's leader in pelvic medicine.