After Surgery

While our surgeons use their skilled hands and the latest technologies to remove cancer and repair urological conditions, true healing begins after your surgical procedure is completed. To ensure your body fully recovers, the Urology Department at Loma Linda University Medical Center has compiled a list of recommendations and resources for our patients.

After Your Surgery

When you leave the hospital after surgery, it is very important to follow all of the directions given to you upon discharge. If you have any questions relating to your recovery, please do not hesitate to call the clinic at (909) 558-2830.

To Do After Surgery:

  • Keep a list of the medications you are taking and always talk to your doctor before taking any additional medicines, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, herbs or food supplements.
  • Always take your medications as directed, and call your doctor with any questions.
  • Follow the rest and activity directions given to you upon discharge. To ensure long-term healing, avoid activities that will put strain on your incision site.