Microwave BPH Therapy

BPH, or benign prostate hyperplasia, is not prostate cancer but has some of the same symptoms of prostate cancer. Nearly all men eventually experience some degree of prostate growth and as the prostate enlarges, it can interfere with the bladder's ability to empty itself. When a patient at Loma Linda University Medical Center is diagnosed with BPH, a urologist may recommend a variety of treatments, including minimally invasive procedure options.

Procedure Details
Microwave BPH therapy, also known as transurethral microwave thermo-therapy (TUMT), uses heat to destroy a portion of the enlarged prostate surrounding the urethra. This minimally invasive procedure allows the patient to urinate more freely by making the urethra larger as it passes through the prostate. Microwave BPH therapy is an outpatient procedure and does not involve overnight hospitalization.

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