Center for Urogynecology

Our surgeons are national experts and have specialized training in the area of Female Pelvic Reconstruction.

Our diagnostic studies include:

o    Pelvic muscle and nerve testing  - Electrophysiology

o    Urinary storage and emptying – Complex urodynamics testing

o    Bowel incontinence testing – Anal manometry and EMG

o    Direct visualization of urethra & bladder – Diagnostic Urethrocystoscopy

o    Anal sphincter imaging – High quality MRI

Our comprehensive treatment options for pelvic floor problems include a variety of medications and a range of non-surgical treatments such as:

o    Pelvic muscle rehabilitation (biofeedback and electrical stimulation)

o    Bladder Botox injection to treat overactive bladder syndrome

o    Medication cocktail injection for pelvic pain problems

o    Collagen injection for stress urinary incontinence

When more conservative measures have failed to correct the condition or are not appropriate, surgery may be the best option. Our surgical treatments include:

o    Minimally invasive surgery for stress urinary incontinence (mini-slings)

o    Minimially invasive surgery for vaginal prolapse (vaginal or Robotic)

o    Sacral nerve modulation for severe overactive bladder syndrome

o    Pelvic reconstruction for dysfunction caused by previous surgery

o    Cosmetic pelvic surgery that is medically necessary

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Our Physicians:

•    Jeffrey Hardesty, MD

•    Sam Siddighi, MD

•    Andrea Staack, MD

•    Gary Barker, MD

•    Roger Hadley, MD