Outstanding nurses recognized with 2016 DAISY Awards

Dawn “Ru” Kirk (right of banner), member of the unit 5700 nursing team, holds her DAISY Award and certificate. Joining her are Helen Staples Evans, DNP (left of banner), CNO for LLU Children’s Hospital, and her nursing colleagues.

When nurses exceed the expectations of their leaders, co-workers, patients, and families, it’s important to recognize their efforts in specific and tangible ways, according to Helen Staples Evans, DNP, chief nursing officer for Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

“What did they actually do?” Staples Evans asks. “Providing specific details reinforces their exceptional care and encourages their co-workers to do the same.”

The DAISY Award recognizes exceptional nurses who are nominated by leaders, co-workers, patients, and families. Those submitting nominations are asked to describe in specific ways why they’ve selected an individual to receive the award.

“These are examples of meaningful recognition,” explains Staples Evans. “The DAISY Awards help us to celebrate what is going right.”

The acronym, DAISY, stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. The DAISY Foundation was founded in memory of J. Patrick Barnes, who died in 1999 at age 33 of a rare autoimmune disease, after surviving two bouts with Hodgkin’s disease. Two months before he became sick, he and his wife, Tena, had welcomed their first baby.

The Barnes family felt blessed by the nurses who had cared for Patrick during his last weeks of life in the hospital. To recognize them for their kindness and compassion—as well as their clinical excellence—the family established the DAISY Awards.

Twelve nurses were recently honored with DAISY Awards at Loma Linda University Health: Lucinda Esparza, unit 5700; Joanna Yang, FNP; Rozann Causey, LLUMC-East Campus; Heather Blaine, LLU Surgical Hospital; Luchia Hansen, unit 8100; Sarah Gregory, LLU Behavioral Medicine Center; Dawn “Ru” Kirk, unit 5700; Tad Worku, emergency department; Carl Santos, LLUMC–East Campus; Janelle Warren, LLU Surgical Hospital; Bryan Billedo, LLU Behavioral Medicine Center; and Patricia Radovich, PhD, LLU School of Nursing.

A patient’s mother wrote: “Lucinda greeted us with such compassion and tenderness; it was as if we were distant family that had never met. With my son, it felt like she was taking care of the one and only patient she will ever take care of.”

A nursing colleague in unit 8100 wrote: “Luchia would not be back the following day, but she couldn’t get the patient or the baby off of her mind. So with a welcome gift in hand, Luchia headed back [to the unit] to visit. Luchia was able to assist the [staff] and bring the patient to the NICU to see her baby boy for the very first time.”

To nominate a nurse who has provided extraordinary care to you personally or to a family members, or to recognize a colleague who has gone above and beyond the call of duty, contact The DAISY Foundation by email at Melissabarnes@daisyfoundation.org or call 206-406-7193.