In The Kitchen


Our Favorite Falafel

A traditional Middle Eastern dish, these tasty falafels go great with pita bread, hummus, or on a bed of greens. Add additional herbs and spices to make your own favorite variety.

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LIVE IT: In the Kitchen

A cooking show that inspires healthy, wholesome home cooking. In less than a minute, each episode demonstrates quick and easy meals to keep your family satisfied.

Show Credits

  • Chef Cory, MS, RD - Host
    Assistant Professor, School of Allied Health
  • Jackie Z. Gilstrap – Producer, School of Allied Health
  • Marcus Chapman - Editor
    Director of Communications, School of Public Health
  • Art Kroetz, PhD - Director of Photography
    Assistant Dean for Educational Support Services, School of Allied Health Professions
  • Cosmin Cosma, MA – Consulting Producer
    Director, Advancement Films
  • Erik Edstrom - Graphics and Color
    Project Manager, Advancement Films
  • Angela Taipe - Social Media Strategist and Translation Services
    Manager of Social Strategy
  • Daniel Taipe - Translation Services and Voice Over Work

Special Thanks

  • Craig R. Jackson, JD – Dean, School of Allied Health Professions
  • Helen Hopp Marshak, PhD, MCHES - Dean, School of Public Health
  • Faculty of Nutrition and Dietetics - School of Allied Health Professions
  • Faculty of The Center for Nutrition, Healthy Lifestyle, and Disease Prevention - School of Public Health
  • Shaina Burns - Marketing Specialist
  • Briana Pastorino – Sr. Media Relations Specialist