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Nutrition in Pregnancy

One out of every five pregnant women in the United States goes to bed hungry. Their babies are prone to have a chronic disease as an adult and, not only that, but their grandchildren as well. This unfortunate fact is a huge problem.

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Simple ways you can live healthier, longer

From the place where people live the longest in the nation, comes a health series unveiling the secrets of living a long and healthy life. Through an easy-to-understand format with animations highlighting Loma Linda University Health research, our online health show inspires viewers to LIVE IT. Each 2-3 minute online video health series features simple tips to live healthier, longer.

Loma Linda has been called the Lovely Hill and has been featured on National Geographic, Oprah, CNN and countless media around the world. This small city in Southern California where people live nearly a decade longer than the average American is home to Loma Linda University Health. Our researchers have been studying lifestyle habits in Adventists for half a century and Loma Linda University Health, the leading organization on wellness and prevention, holds these treasured research findings on this popular subject. Now it’s time to share their secrets of longevity with the world.