Cards 4 Kidz Guidelines

Cards4Kidz is a great opportunity to volunteer by providing your family, students, or even yourself the gratitude of knowing that you have just cheered a patient. The cards that are donated are taken to Nutritional Services and then distributed to patients with their morning breakfast.

Greetings: Please use a greeting other than “Get Well Soon” or “”Hope you feel better”.  The cards are distributed house-wide to patients with illnesses that vary from mild to terminal.  Such greetings as “Thinking of You”, “Bringing a smile to you”, “Have A Nice Day” etc. are more appropriate.

Size: A total size of 4 ¼” by 5” is the most useful size.  A sheet of 8 ½” by 11” folded 2 ways is perfect!  This allows our volunteers to distribute the cards in person & also on the meal trays.  Envelopes are not necessary.

Materials: Please do not use sparkles, glitter or glued-on items such as buttons/beads or puffy stickers, as they are not safe for our younger patients.

Other Ideas: Cards are needed in foreign languages, for birthdays and holidays.

The patients & families in our hospital are touched by the kindness & caring from our community donors.

Cards may be mailed or delivered with the completed Cards4Kidz Donation Form:
Loma Linda University Health, Volunteer Services
c/o Cards4Kidz
11234 Anderson Street, CH 1802
Loma Linda, CA 92354